I Loved You Once

I loved you once
when civilization took its first breath,
the bones of Lucy yawned and stretched
and stars played tag with the tips
of freshly crafted pyramids

I loved you,
When the wheel
was technology’s greatest invention,
When my ancestors
waded in Congo waters
as the sun
tickled their melanin
and the ex-slave
wiped his brow as a free man

I loved you,
When your father
loved your mother
And they each loved
the thought of you.
When at bedtime
the monsters transformed
to clothes in my closet
And as we walked
down different hallways
In different directions

I loved you,
The minute before
we held hands
The day before
we locked eyes
And the week before
we met

I loved you,
When you told me you loved me

And I loved you,
As I wrote these words yesterday
And read them aloud today.